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The Clearinghouse

In the Clearinghouse volunteers answer phones and do casework for those in need in the community. Volunteers verify the needs and find a solution engaging other non-profits, local churches, GAP ministries, or volunteers. Caseworkers and Receptionist volunteer one day a week.

Transportation Program

Providing rides to folks in need is a critical service. Many of the rides are to work, medical appointments and for food staples. By volunteering your time you can make a huge impact in the life of a senior or disabled person. Drivers volunteer one day a week.

Loving Families

Loving Families is our answer to the homeless crisis in Fairbanks. Families stay at local churches one week at a time. Volunteers provide food, stay overnight, and play with kids. It is a great way to change a life, consider volunteering with your family!

Relational Ministry

Changing lives through education. Our classes help individuals and families learn money management, Ready to Rent, Job and life skills. Volunteers can teach a class or become a mentor.

To get involved call 452-3876 to sign up for a monthly volunteer orientation.

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