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Steve was one of our nation’s veterans who had fallen on tough times after being diagnosed with cancer.  Steve was now living in a tent, had given up on his chemo treatments and was going to allow cancer to run its course. What few belongings had been in his tent were stolen from him and he had nowhere to turn.

Since all of his belongings had been stolen, Tom our Clearinghouse volunteer wondered if Love INC could help meet his basic needs. Tom was able to refer him the personal needs closet at UCPC and made sure he knew which church was handing out food boxes.

The food bank supplied the food he needed and a phone call was made to the Rescue Mission to get help from the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program (SSVF).  They welcomed the opportunity to help and got him into a boarding home until they were able to get him into an apartment of his own; a place he could call home, a place to heal.    Churches through Love INC jumped back in with donations of kitchen items and linens and bedding.

As if all these agencies and churches working together to meet his need was not enough, God was working in his heart behind the scenes.   Tom the love INC Volunteer continued to invite Steve to church and one morning Steve gave his heart and life to God.  Not only did he get saved: he also took the extra step of getting baptized!  Steve asked Christ to be his Savior, in part because he was shown the hands and feet of God.  This is why we are here!   We are the hands and feet of God!  Sometimes we are the only “Jesus” people in need are able to see!

Steve is now excited about life and is back getting his chemo treatments and we continue to pray for his complete and total healing!


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