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Bonnie is a woman who had great dreams of moving to Alaska . She had not planned to do this by herself but she was now unexpectedly facing life alone. Bonnie purchased a home in the area and began the process of moving in on her own.  She, like many of those who call us for help, is a very independent elderly woman with a medical disability.   This meant that moving in for her was much more difficult.  She called the Clearinghouse asking for help to put her bed together and for someone strong enough to put her storage items up in a loft area as she was not strong enough to do either.

Our caseworker could hear the loneliness in her voice as she called.  She said that she did not have any friends, connections, or a church home yet and was open to any that were close by her.  Our caseworker contacted one of our partner churches close to her so that they could reach out in friendship and to possibly meet her need.  This church was really excited for the opportunity to reach out.  They had volunteers from the World Changers Organization doing some church projects for them but were struggling to find them indoor projects, due to the rain.  The group was sent to Bonnie’s home where they finished unpacking her belongings, put together her bed and put all of the storage boxes into the loft area, meeting all of her requested needs, but they didn’t stop there.

The pastor contacted other members of his congregation to offer Bonnie friendship, encouragement, compassion and the love of Christ.  Love INC was able to offer a load of firewood from another partner church and they picked it up, stacked it and got her ready for winter heat.  The church noticed some problems with the home and brought in members of the congregation to fix what they could.

Most importantly, Bonnie now has a church family who are coming alongside her that will be making sure she is safe and cared for this winter.  She has her belongings in order, has wood for the winter and has gained an entire church family to surround her with Love, Friendship and Compassion.


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