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Mandy got emergency custody of her ex-husbands children due to mental health issues.  Since Mandy was living in assisted housing, she got kicked out due to having more people in her house than what she was allowed.

Mandy came to us homeless and jobless, since she had to now watch these children and missed too much work. She has 3 children that have been uprooted and are dealing with their own issues.  Mandy was under the impression that in a week, everything would be figured out and she would be in housing again.  She wanted to spend her last $500 on a hotel for the week.

It has now been 3 months.  Since she does not have a home, Love INC can’t give her very much.

So what have we done for this client? We have talked her through what her reality is.  We have helped her work through the legal system to get guardianship of these children so she can enroll them in school, get back on the housing list and get public assistance for them.  We have helped her navigate through the system to get childcare for her children so she can work again.

We have called her weekly to check in on her, to inspire her to be strong for these children, remind her that she is not alone and that she has someone she can talk to so she doesn’t fall back into bad habits.   We aren’t here to fix problems for our clients, we are here to show them the strength that they may not know they have, and help guide them in the best direction for them.   Sometimes a listening ear and words of encouragement is all our clients need.


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