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Love INC of the Tanana Valley, serving as a ministry of its partner churches, offering free help to residents of the FNSB who are in need. We seek to serve everyone who needs help, regardless of religious affiliation (or non-affiliation).

Because we have limited resources, we take care that we are meeting real needs within workable boundaries:

Manageability – church volunteers need to know that the need is not beyond their capability to respond to.

Legitimate – Love INC cannot, in good conscience, send volunteers to do work for others who are perfectly able, physically or financially, to do the work themselves.

If you have a real need, and if our volunteers have the skill to meet your need, it is not difficult to “qualify” for help from Love INC:

  1. Your need must be manageable – in other words, a need that a church volunteer can meet (typically, this rules out requests for significant financial assistance).
  2. Your need must be legitimate – in other words, the need truly exists and you are unable to meet it yourself.
  3. You are a resident of the Fairbanks North Star Borough.
  4. You have not misrepresented the facts of your situation.
  5. You provide documentation or sign “release of information” forms as requested by us; if more information is requested, you contact the Clearinghouse and provide it.
  6. You fall within the appropriate guidelines and policies as required for an agency or church referral (i.e. gasoline referrals require having a valid drivers license, insurance and registration, etc.)
  7. Patience – it can take a week or more from the time you call us until a volunteer meets your need.

The Clearinghouse connects people in need with resources. Caring volunteers share Christ’s love by meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals and families. Requests for help referred to churches are specific, manageable, and legitimate.

  • Anyone can call Love INC for help.
  • Trained volunteer caseworkers assess and verify each request to determine the nature and extent of the need
  • The request is referred to the most appropriate Love INC network
  • The outcome is reviewed to determine if the need was met and if other core issues require attention

Relational Ministry outreach supports healthy families by freeing people from financial bondage, encouraging a hand-up through the teaching of budgeting & other life skills along with one-on-one mentoring that provides accountability and encouragement to the clients to put into practice what is learned in class.

Relational Ministry Class Offerings

  • Managing Finances God’s Way
  • Ready To Rent
  • Jobs For Life
  • Cooling Matters

Our solution for homeless families. One church at a time hosts four families for seven days. The families work toward sustainable housing while volunteers provide food, supervision, and a loving environment.

Learn More

GAP stands for “God Always Provides.” There are many needs that aren’t being met adequately by local agencies that churches can help with. Churches host a GAP Ministry and recruit a volunteer to serve as a Ministry Leader.

Ministry Leaders recruit and coordinate other church volunteers to keep the GAP ministry items organized, fill voucher orders, deliver items (if needed), and welcome clients when they pick up their items.

Clients access GAP resources by calling the Clearinghouse for a referral. GAP ministries can help families stretch their budget, freeing up resources so they can pay their rent, utilities, or other bills.

Each church can participate in a GAP ministry in any or all of the following ways:

  • Host a GAP Ministry at their church
  • Collect change once a month for gasoline cards, oil changes, and foods ministries.
  • Collect product for another church’s GAP ministry.

If you are interested in helping your church start a GAP ministry or need information about existing GAPs to donate product, call 452-3876.

Church volunteers form inter-denominational ministry teams to provide acts of service to individuals & families in the community.

There are several needs commonly referred to churches that could be met more efficiently by Service Teams rather than the traditional church referral method. Each Service Team is coordinated by a Ministry Leader.  Each Ministry Leader has a list of volunteers from all denominations that signed up to meet that specific need on a Talent Tithe form.   Service Teams include:

  • Firewood Chopping and Delivery,
  • Food Box Delivery,
  • Furniture and Appliance Delivery,
  • Moving

Call 452-3876 if you are interested in serving on a Service Team.

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