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2016 Annual Report

Families Served
Volunteer Hours
Rides Given
Phone Calls

L ove INC relies on the church to be the hands and feet of Christ. Our goal is to screen and verify the needs of those in our community and then allow the church to respond. Our end goal is to not only get the family the help they ask for, but find the root cause of their needs, and get them connected to a caring Christian community they can walk with through the rough time in their life. You, the church in Fairbanks and North Pole, have done an amazing job responding to the needs of this community. 
Thank You for having a heart to care for those in need in the Tanana Valley.

2016 Cash Income including (value of) Non Cash In Kind Donations

  • In Kind Donations
  • Individuals
  • Fundraising
  • Churches
  • Grants
  • Earned Income

2016 Cash Expenses

  • Program
  • Administrative
  • Fundraising
  • Facilities

The annual cash budget for Love In the Name of Christ is $360,000, The annual IN KIND Donations to the program is about $315,000. These IN KIND items include:
 Donated GAP Ministry Items
 Donated Services
 Volunteer Labor
The point we are trying to make is that CASH is just over 39% of the resources Love INC needs in order to keep the doors open. Our obligation to you is to keep our cash needs as low as possible and give each of you an opportunity to support Love INC with what you feel you can share with those in this community who need your help. Our small cash budget is to pay the staff, who organize the work the volunteers do each day, as well as pay for insurance and maintain the operations of the facility. Though cash is only a small portion of what we need, it is the glue that makes the ministry of Love INC work to impact the lives of those in need.

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