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Our Programs

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The Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse program utilizes volunteers to screen and verify the needs of the community. Then puts those in need in touch with the available resources in the community or a church volunteer.

Shimer College Conversation With Students 2010

Relational Minsitry

Relational Ministry is more than an education program. utilizing volunteers to teach and mentor those in need are able to learn new skills to overcome obstacles in their daily lives.

Transportation Program 2


Utilizing a group of volunteers to offer the only free door to door transportation service in the Interior of Alaska. Providing rides to work, medical appointments and job interviews.

Guest Room

Loving Families

Our solution for homeless families. One church at a time hosts four families for seven days. The families work toward sustainable housing while volunteers provide food, supervision, and a loving environment.

For Agape Tickets Please RSVP to Love INC 452-3876

For Agape Tickets Please RSVP to Love INC 452-3876

Featured Love Stories

Loving Families

Get Involved. Change a Life! Susan was living in her car with her family. She was cold and homeless. Through our Loving Families program, Susan's family has overcome so much with the help of our volunteers. Each week Susan found more and more people to count on and connect with who are truly rooting for her to succeed. She was encouraged and found her life completely changed. She was underemployed and now is working to gain the financial freedom to get back on her feet. She has changed her spending habits and has gone from homeless and counting on others for…read more

Relational Ministry Program

Get Involved, Change a Life. After struggling for most of his life Drew needed help and found it in our Relational Ministry program. Drew meets weekly with our staff to set new goals and achieve amazing things. Drew in just a few months has overcome his obstacles and with our help, he is turning his life around. Drew has a passion to better his situation and make changes to achieve these goals. Watch the video to learn more. See what he's saying after only two months.


Steve was one of our nation's veterans who had fallen on tough times after being diagnosed with cancer.  Steve was now living in a tent, had given up on his chemo treatments and was going to allow cancer to run its course. What few belongings had been in his tent were stolen from him and he had nowhere to turn. Since all of his belongings had been stolen, Tom our Clearinghouse volunteer wondered if Love INC could help meet his basic needs. Tom was able to refer him the personal needs closet at UCPC and made sure he knew which…read more

Snapshot Loving FamiliesSnapshot Relational MinistryPhoto By Alejandro Gonzalez
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