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Our Programs

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The Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse program utilizes volunteers to screen and verify the needs of the community. Then puts those in need in touch with the available resources in the community or a church volunteer.

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Relational Minsitry

Relational Ministry is more than an education program. utilizing volunteers to teach and mentor those in need are able to learn new skills to overcome obstacles in their daily lives.

Transportation Program 2


Utilizing a group of volunteers to offer the only free door to door transportation service in the Interior of Alaska. Providing rides to work, medical appointments and job interviews.

Guest Room

Loving Families

Our solution for homeless families. One church at a time hosts four families for seven days. The families work toward sustainable housing while volunteers provide food, supervision, and a loving environment.

Adopt A Family is a wonderful way for your business or organization to give to a families needs over Christmas. Simply fill out the forms and you will receive families wish list in November. Your organization or business then have a chance to shop and deliver the gifts to a family in need.

Create-A-Gift is a wonderful family event. Local businesses, churches, and organizations come together to sponsor a day filled with crafting and creating gifts for low-income families. This event is open to the public. To sponsor a table give us a call.

Featured Love Stories


Steve was one of our nations veterans who had fallen on tough times after being diagnosed with cancer.  Steve was now living in a tent, had given up on his chemo treatments and was going to allow the cancer to run its course. What few belongings had been in his tent were stolen from him and he had no where to turn. Since all of his belongings had been stolen, Tom our Clearinghouse volunteer wondered if Love INC could help meet his basic needs. Tom  were able to refer him the personal needs closet at UCPC and made sure he…read more


Mandy got emergency custody of her ex-husbands children due to mental health issues.  Since Mandy was living in assisted housing, she got kicked out due to having more people in her house than what she was allowed. Mandy came to us homeless and jobless, since she had to now watch these children and missed too much work. She has 3 children that have been uprooted and are dealing with their own issues.  Mandy was under the impression that in a week, everything would be figured out and she would be in housing again.  She wanted to spend her last $500…read more


Bonnie is a woman who had great dreams of moving to Alaska . She had not planned to do this by herself but she was now unexpectedly facing life alone. Bonnie purchased a home in the area and began the process of moving in on her own.  She, like many of those who call us for help, is a very independent elderly woman with a medical disability.   This meant that moving in for her was much more difficult.  She called the Clearinghouse asking for help to put her bed together and for someone strong enough to put her storage items…read more

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