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Partnership with Love INC

There are a few key steps to encourage a partnership with Love INC.

  1. Present Love INC to church leadership. Call the Director and set up a meeting for you council members to learn more and ask questions.
  2. Appoint a Church Ministry Coordinator (CMC) to be trained by Love INC. This will be the main contact person for the ministry.
  3. Complete and return a Church Partnership Agreement
  4. Designate a Love INC Sunday to share Love INC Vision and Mission, Share the video Above, Conduct a Talent Tithe, and take an offering for Love INC (optional)
  5. Encourage church leadership and congregants to join the prayer chain of Love INC Clearinghouse requests
  6. Begin receiving help referrals for Love INC
  7. Regularly pray for Love INC, Clients, and the Community
Pastor Round Table

Monthly Clergy Support Meeting. Pastor Led, Pastor Directed.

Love INC wants to strengthen pastors throughout the Tanana Valley and help them grow through addressing critical issues and discussing possible solutions and ideas. The Pastor’s Roundtable meets once a month to discuss leadership skills, relating to your church council, solutions for your key issues, think strategically about programming, and to support your peers in prayer and fellowship.

3 major components

  • Build Community
  • Pastor Development – Learn new or other ways that have worked in other churches.
  • Pastor Support – Deal with issues in a positive manner with folks who understand.

Round Tables are once a month on the First Thursday of the month at Noon – 1:30. Lunch will be provided by the LINC Staff. Call ahead to confirm scheudle

  • Get Inspired. There aren’t too many people who do what you do.
  • Improve each other’s churches. It is a safe place to talk about the struggles you have in ministry and receive feedback from peers who have been there.
  • Talk about trends.
  • Share resources. Your toolbox of ideas expands.
  • Help each other.
  • We pray for each other.

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